Strategic Research Agenda


What is the SRA?

The road mapping of the European Mathematical technology research is the main aim of our Association and the EU-MATHS-IN Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is our key deliverable. This is our first SRA, which may serve as the basis for the Mathematical based R&D Work Programs.

The current SRA 2020 is the first edition of the SRA. The final version was published in December 2020.

List of Working Groups

We have organized the experts – representing the members of EU-Maths-IN – who contributed to this SRA into the following Working Groups.

WG-1: Modelling

WG-2: Model Order Reduction

WG-3: Simulation

WG-4: Optimisation

WG-5: Systems and Control

WG-6: High-Performance Computing

WG-7: Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation

WG-8: Uncertainty Quantification

WG-9: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

WG-C1: Digital Twins

WG-C2: The OpenMSODE Software

WG-T1: Working Group for Transfer