The imec/UGent HomeLab is a nice example of collaboration of mathematicians and computer scientists with industry. The Lab itself is an actual standalone house offering a unique residential test environment for IoT services and smart living. A wide range of IoT technologies are deployed, and set-up flexibility to add new devices is offered by means of technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings. The ground floor area of 240 square meter consists of a living room (5m x 10m) with an open kitchen, a care room (3m x 5m) annex bathroom, a home office (3m x 5m), a multifunctional garage of approx 50 square meter. At the first floor a master bedroom (4m x4m), a children’s room (5m x 3m) and a family bathroom are fully equipped to host potential test users. Next to this two multi-functional rooms (5m x 3m) can be used as meeting rooms. Finally, a cellar of approx. 13m x 12m holds the HVAC equipment, heat pump and the extended electrical cabinets to control all elements in het HomeLab.



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