Testimonials about Mathematics

We present testimonials about Mathematics in Industry and nowadays challenges

Era of Mathematics

The 21st century is the Era of Mathematics:

The mathematical sciences deliver significant social and economic impact in Europe.

Philip Bond

Mathematics is like oxygen

Mathematics is like oxygen.

You take no notice of it when it’s there − if it wasn’t, you’d realize you cannot do without it.

Lex Schrijver
CWI, Amterdam

Mathematics contributes significantly to the National Incomes

The economic contribution of mathematical sciences represents around 30% of Dutch national income, with similar figures in the UK, France, and Spain.

Wil Schilders
President of EU-MATHS-IN

Algorithmic speed-ups outperform hardware speed-ups

Algorithmic speed-ups developed by the mathematical sciences clearly outperform hardware speed-ups over the past 40 years:

  • I would rather have today’s algorithms on yesterday’s computers than vice versa
  • If we would rely solely on performance improvements in hardware, we would now be doing the simulations of the 1990s!
  • We need mathware besides software and hardware
Various Sources, Philippe Toint and Wil Schilders

The mathematical iceberg

The mathematical iceberg:

People do not realize how much of the mathematics needed to solve a problem or address a challenge is under the surface.

Mathematics, invisible contribution, visible success!

Mathematics and Country Competitiveness

There is a clear positive correlation between mathematical ability and country competitiveness.

Mathematics is a key technology

Mathematics is a key enabling technology for innovations in science, industry, and society.

Mathematics is an enabler of Digital Twinning

Mathematics is indispensable to make digital twinning, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing work.

We need real intelligence to make artificial intelligence work.


We live in an era of mathematics. Its influence permeates economic and social activity and its influence and impact are profound. Yet its role is not well understood, we are not using it as well as we could and should, and we are investing too little. We are delighted to be on board the TransContinuum Initiative where, together with the other seven associations, we can work on strengthening the role of Europe in mathematical modeling and algorithms as well as the HPC, IA, and Data area using mathematics as a key enabling technology.

Wil Schilders
Former EU-MATHS-IN President


The TransContinuum Initiative has the ambition to bring global solutions encompassing a number of digital technologies with the aim to support any digital use cases and to offer a ‘single door’ to any vertical sector. The 5G IA fully supports this goal and approach and is, therefore, a partner of the TransContinuum Initiative. Digital infrastructures are one of the main pillars of the Digital Economy and our sector has to work together with other domains to maximise impact on the benefit of the economy and society at large

Colin Willcock, Chairman of the Board


AIOTI is working on several initiatives that are at the heart of the connectivity, IoT, data, edge and cloud computing and AI continuum. Our collaborative efforts will shed light on how the TCI can be smoothly inte- grated into practical applications across sectors and across Europe.

Jurgen Sturm, Chairman of the Man- agement Board


ECSO is proud to be part of such an important initiative which endeavours to strengthen inter-disciplinary collaboration and provide harmonisation across European R&D&I priorities including cybersecurity. The launch and establishment of this cooperation sets an important milestone in the development of a com- mon European vision for capability building

Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General


We are delighted that the collaborative work initiated with five other associations to prepare the latest edition of our Strategic Research Agenda now lives on and develops into the TransContinuum Initiative. This is a first step towards the necessary synchronisation of European efforts across domains

Pierre Panziera, chairman


HiPEAC is the premier network for researchers and industry in computing systems. Our members are developing computing systems for the whole continuum, and therefore the TransContinuum concept is familiar to us. We are very pleased to see that the TransContinuum initiative will enhance the collaboration between eight associations and strengthen the position of Europe in computing systems

Koen De Bosschere, Coordinator