November 1, 2023
October 31, 2023


Seakeeping of planing hull yachts.
An experimentally validated computational pipeline for the
seakeeping design of planing hulls.

Monte Carlo Yatchs

Mechanics and Mechatronics

MCY is among the leading Italian producer leisure yachts. The main goal is to improve the seakindness and comfort of the planing hulls in non calm sea conditions.

  • Develop and validate new simulation tools for planing yachts also accounting for non calm sea conditions.
  • Obtain a parametric formulation of the original shape.
  • Develop model order reduction techniques for fast and reliable optimization campaigns.

Many components of the optimization alogorithm of a planing hull yachts have been developed in the project:

  • The hull geometry is deformed with a specifically developed shape parameterization strategy in which the mesh for the CFD simulations is modified along with the CAD geometry of the hull.
  • The full order model based on finite volume approach allows to simulate the turbulent flow and consider the rigid hull motions in non calm conditions. High-fidelity solution are collected into a database.
  • Proper orthogonal decomposition with interpolation is applied to efficiently compute the solution of a parametric partial differential equations system, exploiting the precomputed solutions database.

The experimental effort of the project results in validated simulation tools. The full optimization pipeline composed by shape parameterization, full order simulation and model reduction tools has been put to test to generate a new, optimized hull. After further validation through towing tank tests, the optimized hull will be put in production by MCY.

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