December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


Parametric Equations of Human Gait.
Geometric Modeling of Human Walking for Medical Rehabilitation.


Biomedicine and Health Care

An accurate and robust estimation of the trajectory of the foot is a crucial step in order to provide a reliable diagnosis assistance and a relevant monitoring of medical treatments.

Accurate and robust human gait parameters computation based on a single 3D camera within the context of physical rehabilitation. The goal is to provide an accessible and easy-to-use tool for caregivers to better evaluate, follow-up and improve patient performances.

A parametric continuous model of walking, based on Bézier curves, has been designed for representing the foot trajectory during walking.

A challenge was to find the right balance between the variability of the patients and the robustness to measurement uncertainties.

In a second step, we devised from this new parametric model an approximation/interpolation method in order to adjust its control parameters to datasets obtained from 3D camera acquisitions.

Finally, our accurate and robust method for estimating the locomotive walking parameters is used by physiotherapists from an instance of the model.

The development and deploy of a digital twin for the pressure-velocity sensor plays a key role of the design of the next-generation of acoustic devices. Thanks to this digital approach, the performance of different acoustic solutions based on porous windshields and micro-perforated steel meshes could be evaluated. Furthermore, the influence of the airflow on the device could be predicted at difference frequency ranges.

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