December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


Critical emergency missions with manned and unmanned aerial
vehicles in cooperative flights.


Energy and Environment

Development of intelligent systems to provide an advanced route control, allowing cooperative operations between manned aircrafts and RPA (observational operations), helping to characterize the territory and making the unload operations during fights against forest fires more efficient.

  • Elaboration of several expert systems for decision making, based on different kinds of information stored in large databases.
  • Algorithms for temperature data treatment and calculation of escape routes for the fire fighting squads will be developed.
  • Statistical modelling.
  • Mathematical Optimization.
  • Analysis and programming of mathematical algorithms.
  • R and Python programming.
  • Databases (especially postGis).
  • GIS systems (QGIS and PyQGIS, in particular).

The results of this project will strongly contribute to develop technologies to optimize the efforts dedicated to fire extinction and that allow to reduce the affected surface, as well as increase the security of the brigades, improve the coordination in the extinction operations, extend the time zone of action and introduce new aerial resources in the fight against major forest fires.

Likewise, the investment, operation and maintenance costs of the operations can be reduced, increasing the coverage and efficiency of the service.

Stichting European Service Network of Mathematics For Industry and Innovation.

5052 Goirle, Netherlands