December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


HOX, mathematics for smart meals.
Creation of healthy individualized meals.



Application of mathematical simulation, optimization, observation and control techniques to the improvement of refrigeration systems, which the COFRICO company designs, develops, executes and maintains.

  • To develop a digital twin to simulate an industrial refrigeration system in which ammonia is used as a refrigerant fluid, building and solving numerically a mathematical model, based on physics and data, of the different elements that compose it.
  • To optimize the operating conditions of an industrial refrigeration plant through the use of mathematical algorithms and establish the set point that allows this optimal operation.
  • To develop a system for condition-based predictive maintenance, starting from an estimation of the health status of the system using Kalman filters and using the digital twin developed previously.
  • Ordinary and algebraic differential equations.
  • Transient models of the whole refrigeration system.
  • Determination of thermodynamic magnitudes of the refrigerant fluid.
  • Digital twin of a refrigeration plant: simulation of the operation of the plant.
  • Optimal control and predictive control of the installation: establishment of the set point that leads to the optimal operation of the installation.
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance (CBM): use of the Kalman filter.
  • Software: Python.

Improvement of the refrigeration systems, minimizing construction and operating costs, but at the same time respecting all requirements and guaranteeing food safety.

More efficient facilities are achieved, with lower operating costs and which also reduce their environmental impact, preserving food safety. The technological innovation that would be being introduced in this company and in the industrial refrigeration sector in general, would bring three improvements or competitive advantages: efficiency, cost reduction and reduction of environmental impact.

Stichting European Service Network of Mathematics For Industry and Innovation.

5052 Goirle, Netherlands