December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


Windshield designs for acoustic devices.
Development and implementation of porous windshield designs for pressure-velocity sensors.

Microflown Technologies

Mechanics and Mechatronics

The company Microflown Technologies was interested in the prediction and mitigation of the effects of airflow in its pressure-velocity sensors, and also in the design of porous windshields to avoid undesirable airflow phenomena.

  • To guarantee the quality of the device measurements in the presence of wind.
  • To increase the accuracy of measurements in windy outdoors.
  • To identify accurately noise source locations under the presence of wind.

Firstly, the mathematical modeling of the pressure-velocity sensor and the windshield was written using a coupled problem which involve porous materials and a compressible fluid with an underlying flow. Second, a finite element analysis was performed to obtain an approximate solution of the particle velocity and the sound pressure. Both physical quantities were evaluated at the near and far field. All these information has been used to suggest and orientate the next-generation of pressure-velocity devices designed by the industrial partner.

The development and deploy of a digital twin for the pressure-velocity sensor plays a key role of the design of the next-generation of acoustic devices. Thanks to this digital approach, the performance of different acoustic solutions based on porous windshields and micro-perforated steel meshes could be evaluated. Furthermore, the influence of the airflow on the device could be predicted at difference frequency ranges.

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