Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

The Strategic Research Agenda is a critical document to be updated on a regular basis. The current SRA is the first edition of our Strategic Research Agenda. The final version was published in 2020.

Working Group Events

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List of Working Groups

Our SRA is composed of multiple working groups.

  • WG-1: Modelling
  • WG-2: Model Order Reduction
  • WG-3: Simulation
  • WG-4: Optimisation
  • WG-5: Systems and Control
  • WG-6: High-Performance Computing
  • WG-7: Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation
  • WG-8: Uncertainty Quantification
  • WG-9: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • WG-C1: Digital Twins
  • WG-C2: The OpenMSODE Software
  • WG-T1: Working Group for Transfer