20th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry, June 18-22, 2018, Budapest, Hungary
January 25, 2018
Document of UK Government Office for Science: Computational Modelling: Technological Futures, 2018
February 21, 2018

Modelling: Experiments in Drug Delivery Systems, University of Glasgow, September 3-5, 2018

Let us introduce the workshop with more details at www.gla.ac.uk/research/

Mathematical modelling is playing an increasingly important role in the field of medicine through the use of models and simulations.  These represent a useful tool to complement theoretical and experimental work and have the potential to inform personalized approaches for treatment. Controlled drug delivery systems have become common in the clinic.  These systems combine a platform or carrier with a drug in such a way that the drug is efficiently released to a target tissue or organ, while maintaining the drug concentration within a therapeutic window. Whilst many such devices have achieved successful results clinically, there remains a number of scientific and technological challenges and an opportunity for further fine-tuning and optimization. Addressing these challenges requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

This 3 day workshop will bring together theoretical and experimental researchers, industrialists and clinicians working broadly in the area of drug delivery, so that the problems that persist may be identified from an ‘end-user’ point of view, new challenges laid down and successfully tackled.

This event will build on the highly successful first edition of MEDDS (Coimbra, 2016), as well as recent symposia at ECMI2014 (Mathematical Modelling of Drug Delivery) and ECMI2016 (Applied Mathematics in Stent Development), with an added emphasis on industrial and clinical participation. To this end, the workshop will feature an evening problem solving session where interested delegates can tackle a problem brought by industry.

Who Should Attend?

  • Academics working on drug delivery from any discipline: e.g. mathematicians, chemists, biologists, engineers,…
  • Clinicians
  • Industrialists

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