To leverage the impact of mathematics on innovations in key technologies it requires enhanced communication and information exchanges between the following categories of key players:
  • R&D-staff in industry, science and society (i.e. the end-users of mathematical tools and expertises);
  • Mathematicians in academia (i.e. the creators of novel mathematical tools and expertises);
  • SMEs and spin-off companies with large mathematical content in their products and activities (i.e. the missing link between “creators” and “end-users” that transform mathematical innovations from academia into production-level software to be provided to industry).
  • Furthermore, as the challenges to be dealt with are increasingly complex and multi-facetted, the integration on  a European level of a large variety of mathematical expertises from different institutes is required.

Mission Statement and Aims:

EU-MATHS-IN aims to leverage the impact of mathematics on innovations in key technologies by enhanced communication and information exchange between and among the involved stakeholders on a European level. It shall become a dedicated one-stop shop to coordinate and facilitate the required exchanges in the field of application-driven mathematical research and its exploitation for innovations in industry, science and society. For this it shall build an e-infrastructure that provides tailored access to information and facilitates communication and exchange by player-specific sets of services. It will act as facilitator, translator, educator and link between and among the various players and their communities in Europe.