On 28th of June 2017, the Royal Society is organizing the conference in London devoted to industrial mathematics under the name “Mathematics for the modern economy”. It is the first time in the history of the Royal Society that such meeting takes place. It clearly indicates the growing importance of the field in UK academia and economy.

On 3rd of July 2017, the follow-up meeting to the Royal Society conference will take place at the British Embassy in Warsaw.  With our distinguished guests, involved in organizing Royal Society  event, we will have a chance to discuss how mathematics is the driving force behind so-called 4th Industrial Revolution. It will be a also chance to present how real-world applications of mathematics help create innovations and to outline, using UK experience, agenda to enhance the impact of industrial mathematics to benefit Polish economy and society.

The  speakers will include:

  • Prof. John Ockendon, Fellow of Royal Society (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
  • Prof. David Abrahams (Director, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge)
  • Dr. Robert Leese (Director, Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering, University of Oxford)


More details are at http://www.impan.pl/en/activities/banach-center/conferences/17-industrial/program


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