Big Data – Mathematics in Industry 4.0 in Porto: info about the event
June 25, 2017
Mini Conference on Industrial Applications of Mathematics, 03.07.2017 – 04.07.2017, Warsaw
June 30, 2017

Mathematics for the modern economy, June 28 2017


Industrial mathematics is of significant importance to the UK economy, cutting across many high-value industry sectors, including engineering, finance, defence, life sciences and even sports and entertainment. To maintain their position and economic benefit, such industries must strive to be advanced, inventive and creative. The same argument also applies to more conventional sectors, such as agriculture, utilities and manufacturing. In all cases, there is a clear need for problems to be defined in a sensible mathematical way and solved to yield the best economic and social outcomes using appropriate, often innovative, mathematical techniques.

Industrial mathematics is currently responding to the uncertain data-rich world which industry now confronts. It is doing this by developing and applying tools that can take account of the uncertainty that can arise in many different situations and can lead to many statistical patterns.  All the while, industry-driven problem-solving is expanding remorselessly, leading to ever increasing challenges for the whole mathematics community.

This conference will bridge the gap between the UK’s expertise in industrial mathematics and those who apply it, whether in industry, government or other academic disciplines. It is aimed at mathematicians, scientists, engineers and professionals working in industry, academia or government. The conference concludes with an exhibition and drinks reception sponsored by The Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering.
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Stichting European Service Network of Mathematics For Industry and Innovation.

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