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April 29, 2018
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May 3, 2018

KTI (Knowledge Transfer Ireland) Impact Awards 2018: EU Maths INSIDE!!!

We would like to announce that the KTI Impact Award for 2018 has been given to University of Limerick and Xtract 360 Ltd.  According to Kevin Brosnan we can provide some more details: Xtract is an Irish start-up that has developed a connected claims platform  for all Internet of Things (IoT) crash data. The company aggregates and visualizes data for motor claims handlers at the moment of impact which empowers them to determine liability, deflect fraud and automate vehicle damage triage. Aiming to develop a software application that can re-create a car crash in real time to alleviate these issues, in 2017, Xtract commissioned a consultancy project with the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) at the University of Limerick. The MACSI researchers developed mathematical and statistical modelling techniques (prized for the second time in a row). The physical model detects impacts using GPS and accelerometer data recorded prior to and during an accident and identifies the time and force of an impact, the physical point of impact on the vehicle and provides an estimation of the trajectory taken by the vehicle and aspects of the driving itself.  The research team worked closely with Xtract’s software team to ensure seamless implementation of the mathematical model into the Xtract software. The company now aims to further scale business development across Europe and the US, armed with a robust, production ready model for the motor claims industry.

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