Industrial Core Committee

The objective is to build a world-class MSO technology (Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation) to drive innovation for the industry in Europe.
The Industrial Core Committee is constituted in the framework of Article 10 of EUMATHS-IN Statutes. It will assist the EU-MATHS-IN Executive Board to enhance communication and information exchange between and among the MSO stakeholders on a European level.
Participants in this Industrial Core Committee will be part of an organization that shapes the future of European MSO, will participate in important decision-making processes in this field, and will also support EU-MATHS-IN in influencing the definition of the European R&D MSO strategy.

In the name of the companies supporting the EU-MATHS-IN Network, the following persons are members of the Industrial Core Committee

ATOSHubert TardieuFrance
BOSCHUwe IbenGermany
ECOMTAnxo FeijóoSpain
MICHELINPatrice HauretFrance
NORS GROUPMargarida PinaPortugal
SHELLCor van KruijsdijkThe Netherlands
REPSOLDavid AllerSpain
SIEMENSDirk HartmannGermany
Industrial Core Committee