Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in a Data Rich Environment

A window of opportunity to boost innovations in Europe

What is the MSO-DE?

Modelling, Simulation & Optimization (MSO) remain the cornerstone for the development of most products in the fields of Industry, Health, Energy or even Finance.

Although High Performance Computing, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities, their impact on innovation and the improvement of products and services could remain partial without a massive effort on the axes of modelling, simulation and complex systems optimization.

Major opportunities, in particular, the establishment of digital twins, rely on the connections at the interface between fields of expertise, domains, businesses and across the complete lifecycle of products & systems. At the same time, methods have outpaced computational power in terms of capability over the past decades. Our initiative is guided by the certainty that a high-level approach to Modelling, Simulation & Optimization, enriched by data analytics and intensive computing, is a considerable economic asset.

The booklet

The following booklet detail the opportunity and witness concrete applications in alignment with the corporate strategies of the firms pertaining to the EU-MATHS-IN Industrial Core Team.